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The Sharpies | 2014 Nominations


After the absolute travesty that (once again) was the Oscar nominations, it is time for the first annual Sharpies to step in and show ’em how it’s done.

As always there has been a vast array of films released this year, and working 40 hours it’s hard for me to around to seeing them all (unlike those lay-abouts at the academy) so there will be some noticeable omissions from my nominations. I was intent on having a best TV show category, but having only been able to watch Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, it hardly seems worth it. The same goes for the documentaries category, of which I have only seen one, Blackfish (which probably would have won anyway). As for motion pictures, looking over the oscars nominations, there only seems to be one notable omission, August: Osage County. I will get round to watching it soon and may edit my nominations accordingly at a later date (but probably not).

Anyway, without further ado, lets get to the nominations…

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Review | All is Lost


All is Lost will no doubt draw comparisons with Gravity, and rightfully so. Both chronicle one persons perseverance through impossible odds in a desolate and hostile environment. Both attempt to create the most realistic representation of their respective environments and the solutions that the characters find to their ever escalating problems. Indeed the two films would make a great double feature. The two films do differ however in how they characterise their protagonist. Throughout Gravity Sandra Bullock vocalises her characters history, thoughts, and feelings, the film consistently makes sure that the audience knows where the character is at every moment. All is Lost takes a very different approach. One that  may seem needlessly elusive to some, and impressively authentic to others. Continue reading